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Our Story

Mariel Boat Lift 1980, 126 thousand Cuban's abandon the communist island in a massive exodus. The Vilariño family were among the fortunate to make it through the turbulent stretch and reach the land of the free. After years of hardship the family was determined to make the American dream come true.

In 1984 Antonio, his wife Nilda and five daughters bought their first restaurant, Las Vegas in Hollywood. While Antonio learned to cook, Nilda and the girls catered to loyal patrons providing personable service, which has proven to be a drawing factor in their enduring success.

Shortly thereafter, Las Vegas became known as the Cuban hot spot in Hollywood, guaranteeing customers authentic Cuban dishes and the friendliest service in town. Today with many more restaurants, the family continues to offer the same quality service, food and atmosphere that attracted locals for the past 34 years.

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